Elysia's School for Fairies

Faery Nook Kit is a special kit for beginners, who wish to create their own little space to meditate or concentrate, or just relax. 

It contains - 

~ 2 pure beeswax candles, 11 gm each ( Fire element)

~ 7 herbal incense cones ( Air element)

~Tumbled Stone/ Crystals - set of 4 ( Earth element)

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, Carnelian


Note : add a bowl or dish of fresh water to represent the Water element and you may add a figurine for the spirit element!


These tumbled stones are used to balance your energies, raise your vibrations and attract good luck. Each stone has different magical and healing properties.

You can keep them on your altar/ Faery Nook, or carry them with you.

Faery Nook Kit