Elysia's School for Fairies

The Crooked Hobgoblin

This story is not to scare anyone, it was just another otherworld encounter. It also does not mean that all goblins and hobgoblins are evil, it was just the one I, unfortunately met. During the initial stages of awakening and opening up to the faery realm, your faery aura will attract all sorts of spirits, including the ones with not so good intentions. It is a part of the journey. Just like you begin to see faeries and other beings as radiating orbs of light in your realm ( but not quite as solid beings), you ( or your energy field) too begin to manifest in the otherworld. They can see you too. This incident happened in the astral plane - the level beyond the physical - between the material and the mystical.

(Year 2017)

Thinking about what to read next, I went to sleep after a long, exhausting day.

Soon after I had fallen asleep, I began to feel tightness in my chest. No I don't consume alcohol, and I was doing just fine, although a little distressed due to personal matters.

I wanted to wake up but I was unable to move or open my eyes. After an eternity of struggling to move my legs, I managed to wake up convinced that an evil figure was lying in wait. I was sweating heavily, so I rushed to get a glass of water. I switched on the lights to see around, just to make sure there was no one else in the room.

I again went to bed and this time I woke up in another world.

I saw myself with my younger sister. Our eyes fell on this small ugly creature lying on the floor. To give you a better understanding of his appearance - he looked like the tiny, lifeless and weak Voldemort in Harry Potter's dream ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2).

This creature was begging me to rescue and protect him and asking us to take him home. Although he looked extremely ugly, I felt sorry for his condition. Me and my sister looked at each other and decided to take him home, and also that once his condition improves, we'll ask him to leave. We fed him and gave him shelter.

It had only been a few days and things had already begun to feel eerie. This creature did not look like the one we brought home. He had grown around three feet tall, strong and uglier than before. He had grown into a monster. It seemed like he had been waiting to turn himself back into his true form - his original size and appearance, all this while. I did read about different types of faeries, but what exactly was this creature? He had pointed teeth, and very thick dark skin.

What a blunder mistake? How could we not see what he had been turning into? and now what?

I asked him to leave immediately to which he replied, " I will do what I want to do", and turned his back. He went straight into the kitchen and turned on the gas stove, and muttered as he smiled - "Now everyone will die. It will be fun."

The scene faded away into oblivion.

I woke up with a severe headache and saw the word - "Hobgoblin" in my mind's eye. He had a crooked back.

~Elysia (Shweta)