Elysia's School for Fairies

In Through The Portal

I had just finished painting the Gylph of Sidhe symbol on the wooden slab. I had already read about the great power this symbol holds, and was curious to see it for myself. It is said that if you meditate upon this symbol, meaning - if you visualise yourself spiraling through a portal, you might actually get a glimpse of the Faery world ( there are other factors too - asking the Faeries' permission and if they grant you one, for example).

So I lighted a candle, closed the door and sat in a meditative state. Focusing on the symbol, I visualised myself slowly diving in through the hand painted lines and closed my eyes. After about twelve minutes, my body began to feel light and airy. " This is it! It's happening"- I thought. I meditated for another fifteen minutes or so. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes in a puzzled state of mind. " Why didn't I go into the Faery realm? Did I do any mistake?"

Well I certainly did.

It was almost time to go to sleep, so I sniffed the candle and went straight to bed, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. I was tired that day, so it didn't take me long to lull myself to sleep. I do not remember what time it was when I started to feel uncomfortable. There was a feeling of heaviness building up on my chest. It felt like as if my spirit self was trying to rush out of my physical body. One thing that I clearly remember is talking to myself while all of this was happening. It was very strange. I was clearly sleeping, but I was also awake. I might have astrally projected myself into some other plane of existence.

At this point, I knew I was sleeping in this world but my eyes were open in another. I found myself floating in a pitch black space, and suddenly being pushed into a tunnel kind of thing (or a portal). It was like I had boarded a bullet train with me being the only passenger. What I saw was not beautiful scenery but strange beings. Some quietly looking at me, while many were growling and making peculiar noises, some trying to come near but couldn't as if something ( or someone) was protecting me. As soon as I reached the bottom, I had the vision of a single gigantic butterfly wing. It was comforting to see something so beautiful amidst all the strangeness. I knew where I had landed.

Shortly afterwards, I found myself walking through wild bushes in a field ( almost as tall as me) as if nearing a river or stream. A magnificent sight was waiting for me. As I reached the shore, I saw a female sat on the other side of the stream. She was in front of me. I was astounded. The sight brought a feeling strange to my eyes, and yet so familiar to my soul. She was naked, had wild curly hair with twigs and leaves popping out from all sides. Her eyes were pitch black. I was scared and mesmerised at the same time. Everything was so new to my human mind. As a natural human mind's tendency to defend itself when encountering something outside of its normal perception, I wanted to run.

" She is not dangerous or evil. She is just surprised to see a foreign creature in her land.", words ran through my mind. We both were just looking at each other in complete astonishment. The scene started to fade away slowly before disappearing altogether. I opened my eyes.

I woke up and sighed.." What did just happen?" I looked towards my bedside, where the Gylphe of Sidhe symbol was glistening softly in the dark. Well, it did work.


Remember I said - " did I do something wrong?" ? I forgot to keep a protective charm with me! That was my first time venturing into a new world, so I was protected by my faery friends. But one needs to be careful.

Lesson - Always carry a protective charm such as Rosemary herb, when attempting to journey into the otherworld. Also, drink water or eat something light when you're done. It will help ground your body into the physical world.

Good Luck.


Please do your own research, and be very careful when attempting to explore other worlds. It is not a play, or don't do it for fun. Always ask for permission before you enter and proceed only when the permission is granted.