Elysia's School for Fairies

Discover Your Innate Magic, 

Decode the Language of Nature & Look into the Life of Faeries

What if you could communicate with nature, discover the hidden truths about Faeries and their relationship to humans, and use your inherent magic to help Faeries, heal earth and most importantly, awaken your true self?

Whether it is living a purposeful life, bringing magic back into the mundane, preserving nature or inspiring others to protect the environment and keep magic alive - you can do it.

If you feel different from your friends or family or people around you, I totally get you, because I've been there.

I had to learn it the hard way. My journey began right after I graduated in 2015. I was lost and had no clue about my life. But there was something I was sure about - I wanted to live a meaningful, magical life where I could interact with plants and animals on a daily basis, learn about the hidden realms and explore my inner world. 

Don't take me wrong, I always felt somewhat different from the friends I had and the people I met.

That was the time when I started to have strange experiences. I would see sparkles, shadows, flashes of light and hear voices calling my name. I had never tried Astral Projection, let alone practice, but it happened naturally. I would astral project myself during the day, and the night. I was scared, puzzled and confused.

I just needed someone to tell me that I wasn't imagining it all, and that - It had a meaning. 

I decided to let my life unfold, taking a leap of faith into the unknown. It wasn't easy. It was lonely, uncertain and scrappy. But I loved it. Now when I look back, I realise I was opening up to other realms.

Its been 5 years I made that leap and since then, I've been led through a journey of amazing experiences and insights, that I could have never planned for myself.

Nurturing my relationship with Faeries has not only changed the way I look at magic, but I feel lighter, happier, more balanced and inspired to create and live a life aligned with my soul purpose.


 I realised that magic is not something to look out for, but to find within. 

There is a reason why only a few people experience magic and see faeries. Trust me, there is.

It makes me sad to see humans missing out on so many beautiful amazing experiences because they are unaware of their own light.

This is the same realisation I want for you!

In 2017, I started to make videos about Faeries and share them on my Youtube Channel : Faery Folklore, which now has over 1 Million views and a community of over 14,000 subscribers.

This course is like the first step into exploring this magical world that you've longed to be a part of.

 Now is the time. Are You Ready?

Course Overview : What's Included -

1. History of Faeries - Who are Faeries and Why & Where did they disappear? 

2. Language of Mother Nature

3. Five Magical Powers No One Tells You About

4. Let's Make some Fairy Dust - Three Magical Recipes to be used when you need to awaken love, compassion, courage and strength

5. Brewing A Fairy Potion for Spiritual benefits

6. Learn Divination using The Faery Oracle Stones 

7. It All Starts Here

8. Opening Doors to The Otherworld

9. Becoming Magic(k)

10.Quest for The World Of Enchantment


  • This is an e-course ( The Beginner Fairy Course) which includes 10 video lessons followed by 5 riddles to solve at the end which is part of the Quest for The World of Enchantment.

  • The entire video course is 1 hour 17 minutes long. 

  • Each video lesson is 4 to 13 minutes long.


This Course is right for you if 

  • You feel different and unfit in this world ( because you're here to create a better world)

  • You want to learn how nature communicates with you, its signs and symbols

  • You are waking up to the magical world but don't know where and how to start

  • You want to contribute towards healing mother Nature and earth, for the benefit of all 

  • You are ready to explore your innate magic 

This Course is NOT right for you if

  • You're looking for an escape from your problems

  • You are not ready to do the inner work needed in order to grow and evolve

  • You want to summon faeries and spirits at your own will and for personal benefits

What Students Have To Say About The Course

This course is really something special.

The lessons were so simple, almost intuitive. And yet they resonated so strongly with that part of me that remembers being a little girl, searching for the faeries I loved reading about, wondering where they could possibly be hiding. And now I feel like I've found that real magic I've been looking for - it was me all along!

Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom you've gathered with us, I'll never forget it!

~ Sydney Dosser, Canada

I felt as if I was actually entering into a new world of possibilities, a world of faery dust and glitter, a world of which I had never known before. And with this course, I knew it was the experience which I had unknowingly longed for all my life. I can't wait for the next time I'm able to journey into Elysia's Land of Enchantment.

~ Greg Bolter, Wisconsin, USA

I've always loved her content and expected the same when I purchased Awaken The Faery In You Course. I found it beyond my expectations. From the content to the design and her voice, I loved every single thing. We really need to learn what she's created. I definitely feel more aware of my own magic and feel a better connection with Faeries and nature.

~ Sheryl Maclod, Texas, USA 

There are actual practices that will connect you to the faery realm and bring you to a deeper understanding of one's self while connecting to the earth! This is not a flashy gimmick where you use your imagination, this is real working faery magick. Sometimes seeing beyond is just looking within and receiving some guidance from a friend with a smile. I look forward to the next course and have been a definite increase in faery activity in my life. Thank you.

~ Jon Pachorkowsky, USA