Elysia's School for Fairies

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Embark on a magical journey with
The Beginner Fairy Course!

Fairy - human with a faery soul

Faery - being who lives in the Faerie realm

The Headmistress

Meet me!

  • Faery Folklore
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You Will NOT Learn anything like -

Incantations & Spells for transforming people into toads, revenge, hexes and curses.


how to Summon spirits or Faeries


Living in faeryland


This course is really something special.

The lessons were so simple, almost intuitive. And yet they resonated so strongly with that part of me that remembers being a little girl, searching for the faeries I loved reading about, wondering where they could possibly be hiding. And now I feel like I've found that real magic I've been looking for - it was me all along!

Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom you've gathered with us, I'll never forget it!

~ Sydney Dosser, Canada

I felt as if I was actually entering into a new world of possibilities, a world of faery dust and glitter, a world of which I had never known before. And with this course, I knew it was the experience which I had unknowingly longed for all my life. I can't wait for the next time I'm able to journey into Elysia's Land of Enchantment.

~ Greg Bolter, Wisconsin, USA

I've always loved her content and expected the same when I purchased The Beginner Fairy course. I found it beyond my expectations. From the content to the design and her voice, I loved every single thing. We really need to learn what she's created. I definitely feel more aware of my own magic and feel a better connection with Faeries and nature.

~ Sheryl Maclod, Texas, USA 

There are actual practices that will connect you to the faery realm and bring you to a deeper understanding of one's self while connecting to the earth! This is not a flashy gimmick where you use your imagination, this is real working faery magick. Sometimes seeing beyond is just looking within and receiving some guidance from a friend with a smile. I look forward to the next course and have been a definite increase in faery activity in my life. Thank you.

~ Jon Pachorkowsky, USA